10 Best Adjustable Bed Frames - November 2018

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Your Guide to Buying an Adjustable Bed Base

1) How good is the engineering?

Perhaps no other piece of furniture is as complex as an adjustable base as it moves. How many furniture do more than turn or go up and down? In the case of higher end bases, they move in many different ways. You are accumulating a decent sum here, so take your time to check it out. Go to bed and try all the functions of the adjustable bed remote control. Does the bed move quickly to the command? Are they sudden or soft movements? Be sure to evaluate with your ears as well. A good foundation will work silently as a result of high quality adjustable bed motors. Ask your salesperson a lot of questions and do some homework online. Does the company that builds its base have a considerable product line and at least a million bases behind them? The importance of great engineering can not be overemphasized.

2) How much science did you enter into the design?

So let’s assume that the base has an acceptable engineering. The next question is, how did the positions and characteristics develop? For example, lumbar support is worth nothing unless it is specifically developed to align with the spine. The massage function is something that simply shakes the bed, or is it a sophisticated, displacement movement, developed using the principles of physics? Is the Anti-Snoring position exactly the optimal angle for most people? Did the doctors or scientists give their contribution to develop the bed? Inspect the edges, seams and all other aspects of the bed for nice finishes, solid materials, soft joints and overall robustness. And while you’re at it, think about your personal design aesthetics. Many bases look like bulky, cloth-covered pontoon boats instead of elegant pieces of machinery. The function is important, but the style also matters.

3) What features does it offer?

An entry level base will generally allow you to operate the head and feet of the base. Make sure that the operation is smooth and that the sleeping positions feel comfortable for you. Just because there are ropes in your wallet does not mean you should not get a well-made product. The most sophisticated adjustable power bases have additional desirable features such as variable massage levels, improved neck support and life-changing pre-set settings such as Anti-Snore and Zero Gravity, which simulate weightlessness. Premium power bases allow you to control the bed through your smart phone and program multiple configurations to run at specific times. You can even find some night lights under the bed.

4) Split adjustable bed base or not?

The reality of any bed is that usually two people sleep in it. When that is the case, an adjustable split bed is something to consider, since it allows both people to adjust the bed independently. Make sure that the manufacturer provides two remote bed controls for that purpose, and that each of you can adjust the other side of the bed with your remote, not just your own side. This can be useful for any couple who deals with snoring or sleep apnea. If you decide to go with a split adjustable base, your mattress becomes part of the equation. You can request a Split King mattress, which allows independent movement on both sides and is essentially two separate individual mattresses with their own separate domains. If you like to sleep while you curl up, make sure any partially split mattress moves well with the base in the foot region. Divided bases are sometimes offered in Split Queen size, but most manufacturers only offer them in Split King.

5) Do you want it to fit inside an exis?bed frame ting?

Do you already have a bed frame that you love? The best adjustable bed bases have been specifically designed to fit many standard types of bed frames. They have dimensions and certain compact crossbars for that to happen. They also come with different adjustable leg heights or bed lifts that you can change to place the mattress at the proper height. Ask the manufacturer for the measurement specifications to see if your bed will work. A serious manufacturer of adjustable bases will have such bed size specifications available to you.

6) Remote controls and applications add to the experience.

A good adjustable base comes with a remote control that is easy to use. If it’s on again, that’s a plus point. The same happens if it is wireless. Some manufacturers also realize that you can never have too many charging stations and have taken the trouble to create a quality remote base that also charges your smart phone. If you are interested in more sophisticated operations, ask your vendor for a demonstration of the company’s smart phone app. A high-end application will allow you to easily program multiple positions and massage settings with times.

7) Who made your bed? Guarantees, service and reputation.

Many companies have entered the market for reclining beds in recent years, seeking to make quick money without knowing much about electric beds. Avoid them. An adjustable electrical base is a complex piece of equipment. Like a car, it has moving parts, electronics and a motor. So make sure you are dealing with a company that has built many electric beds and has a reputation for being behind them. In addition, a great bed guarantee is the sign of a large power base. Take a look at some of the top sellers of beds, and you will find that they are quite oblique about the guarantees in their bases. That’s because most of them cultivate their power bases. Some even require that you send the base back for service. A good company will clearly explain its policy: how much time labor is covered, how long the parts are covered and how much time the engine is covered. Some companies guarantee the engine up to 20 years.

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